Residents of Chachi’s Haven

Here are some of the beautiful kitties you could adopt to be your forever friend. Gail dearly loves all her cats and would love them to find good loving homes. If you are unable to adopt, please consider virtual adoption by contributing a small monthly donation of £10 or equivalent in other currency to go towards the upkeep of your adopted kitty.  Thank you


To check out the kitties who have either been adopted/virtually adopted, please see our Adoptions Acknowledgement page.  

For queries regarding adoption or if you would like more pictures please contact Gail Joss by completing the form below.  


Amy is very loving to cats and humans. She is very close to her brothers Teddy and Snuggly. Amy is very talkative and sociable and a joy to have around. Amy is spayed.


Andrea has always been blind. He plays a lot and always finds his way around. He knows his name and responds to it. He is friends with the other cats at the shelter. He has is a very brave boy and does not let his handicap stop him doing anything. Andrea is neutered.


Bandit is about five years old and has a huge personality. He showed up at the shelter thin and full of battle scars from living on the street. Bandit must have had a home previously because all he wanted was love. From the first day he arrived he made it his mission to get into the shelter. Once he was neutered his wish was granted and he became part of Chachi’s family. Bandit is an amazing cat and loved by all.


I am Beamer and I radiate light! Beamer was left for Gail in a box at one of her feeding stations. This gorgeous and very affectionate little girl loves life. She gets on with all the cats and loves attention. Beamer’s front elbows face the wrong way. As a result you find her sitting in very unusual positions. Beamer is nearly two years old and spayed.




Bubbly is a happy, affectionate sociable little boy. Gail found him in the engine of a car when he was about four weeks old. He loves people and cats. Bubbly is neutered.


I am Buggy and I am a big boy and sadly some of the cats are scared of me. I have some problems breathing but despite that I am very active and energetic. I am one of Poppy’s sons and love my brother Teddy. I am very friendly and love company; both human and cats. The shy ones at the shelter find me annoying….and all I want to do is be friends and cuddle up! I like the company of my friends and prefer not to be alone. I am neutered and would love to be adopted with my family please.



Charmy is a sweet and gentle boy who would really benefit from a home of his own. He is a shy, introvert cat and is easily intimidated by the other cats at the shelter. Charmy is definitely a people-lover and loves cuddling. He is neutered.


It’s hard to believe Chaya used to be feral. She’s very sociable now and looks for attention. Desi is he main squeeze. She is spayed.


Chirpy and Rory adore each other – they are simply inseparable. Gail found them in the street late at night while Gail was feeding the street cats. She could hear Chirpy crying plaintively and took them both back with her to the shelter where they cuddle together.



This is Cremy. You don’t see her very often. She is weird and wonderful. She has funny mannerisms, but she is very sweet. Her sister is Sparky. They were left in a shoe box outside our previous shelter when they were three weeks old. We hadn’t moved in yet. We had just started putting up the fences. She is spayed.




She is an incredible little girl. We have so much respect for her. She had been run over and had been in a cage at the vet for too long. They sterilized her but didn’t treat her. She had no sight in her right eye and her front leg was badly damaged. She was not used to people. Within days this very special girl adopted kittens Gail was hand raising. She let them suck from her and played with them. She has the most incredible spirit. She does not let her damaged leg stop her from playing and having fun. She appreciates every second of her life. Her eye was finally removed.


Deli was found when she was three weeks old. She was sitting in the street alone. From the minute she arrived at the shelter she was accepted by all the cats, and started chasing tails. She’s grown up believing she is our ruler. She is spayed.


Everyone loves Desi. He was hit in the face by a car. He has no sense of smell or taste. He walks around all day saying ‘prrr meow’. He is neutered.



Doogy is a miracle cat. He was five weeks old when he came to Chachi’s Haven and very, very ill because he had fluid in his chest and lungs. Gail treated him for three months without any improvement. As a last resort Gail got some homeopathic drugs she had read about. Two days later he started getting better! Today he is one of the biggest boys she has. Both vets who treated him didn’t believe it was the same cat. He is very special to Chachi’s Haven. When Gail puts her hand down he takes it in his paws and rubs his face against it. Doogy is neutered.




Erany is the resident clown. Do you think you have privacy? Not with Erany in your home. Everything is his business. If you open a cupboard he jumps in. If you are on a ladder, he is on it with you. His motto: life is to be enjoyed together. And you know what? He is right. Erany is always good for a laugh, he plays with everyone and is affectionate as well. He has a huge personality and is neutered.


Evie has been with us for two years. She is Jumbo’s mommy. She was a brilliant mother and helped Gail raise Spirit and Tyson.


Felix is seven and a half years old and neutered. He is very friendly and affectionate. Felix is a big boy, but he will lie in your arm’s like a baby, and loves being kissed. He has some trouble at the shelter with some of the other boy’s. He would definitely prefer to be alone, or with a female cat. He had some urinary issues in the past, but is doing very well now. Please keep this very loving, handsome boy in mind if you are thinking of adopting.


Ferrari came to Chachi’s Haven together with her 2 brothers, Richie and Snuggly when they were only 3 weeks old. Sadly their mother was run over and Gail brought them back to the shelter. Ferrari is sweet, playful and very loving. She knows how to make every minute of her life fun. She brings joy to all of the cats. She is spayed.


Foxy is six years old. She is friendly, independent and our hunter. If Foxy is looking at something I pay attention. She is very undemanding and easy to take care of. Foxy is spayed.


Fuzzy was left for Gail at one of her feeding stations. He was very nervous and hungry. The second he saw Timmy they bonded. They are now inseparable and family. Fuzzy is very adventurous and playful little boy soon followed Timmy (now best of friends) and is happily settled in with his buddies at the shelter.


Geena is a gorgeous, little feral girl and spends most of her time outside. She came to the shelter with 3 tiny kittens from a place where they weren’t safe but she was a brilliant mother and brought her babies up well. Now that her family is safe I hope that with time she learns to trust. Geena is spayed.


Geri is a sweet, loving playful little boy. He gets along with cats and people. Life for Geri is an adventure.


Lady Godiva is now just Godiva. Gail discovered he was a boy when he was neutered. He had a lot of fur and wasn’t very friendly at the time so she couldn’t check him. He has turned into a very friendly and affectionate cat. He loves company and you very rarely find him alone.


Very precious little Golda .She was one day old when she came to the shelter. Gail nearly lost her three times. She’s fully grown, but tiny. Golda gets pleasure out of every second of her life. You will always find her somewhere entertaining herself.


Gracie arrived outside the shelter awhile ago with her little girl Lily. Grace decided she was joining us. From the minute she walked in she made friends. She is very sociable and friendly. Grace is two+ years old and spayed.


Gail found Hooli running in between cars crying when he was five weeks old. He was terrified of people. She had to get a trap to catch him. She is so grateful he did not get run over. He has turned into a very affectionate little boy. He loves sitting on her shoulder getting and giving kisses. Hooli loves all the other cats at the shelter.






Inky is a beautiful shy little boy. Inky and his brother Tuxie were dumped at one of the feeding stations. He is very sweet and undemanding. He’s very close to Tuxie and they sleep cuddled up together.



Jewel was knocked over. This gorgeous girl is so loving and affectionate. She would love a home where she can sit on your lap and sleep in bed with you. Jewel is a classy little lady. She is spayed.


Joy arrived in the trunk of a car when she was four weeks old. She was filthy and starving. She has blossomed into a very loving, playful little girl. Joy lives up to her name in every way possible. She is a little treasure. She loves her two shelter brothers Timmy and Fuzzy. All three have become family and friends.



Jumbo is one of the best-natured cats I’ve ever met. Gail found him with his mommy Evie when he was about three days old sitting in the rain. She was hand raising kittens at the time and Evie would let them snuggle with Jumbo and he loved the company. He is a very gentle and sociable boy.


Lainey is the blind kittens mommy. She has put on weight and is adjusting to shelter life very well. She hasn’t made friends yet, but she is comfortable around the other cats, as long as they don’t get too close to her kittens. She is very sweet and gentle and enjoys being stroked and cuddled.



Lamby is fifteen years old. He was found with wire wrapped around his neck. He still has the scars. Lamby is a very sweet gentle boy. He loves attention and is very affectionate. He is friends with all the cats at the shelter. He had a stroke a couple of years ago and lost most of his hearing. He is in very good health and meows really loudly as a result of losing his hearing. He is neutered.





Litchi was abandoned when her owners went away on holiday. She is a gentle, cuddly little girl but very insecure. She is still gaining confidence.


Lovey is a very lucky little boy. He was bitten by a viper. It’s a miracle that he survived. He has adapted to life at the shelter and adores Desi. He cuddles up to him every chance he gets. He is friendly but independent. Lovey is neutered.


Luna was a feral kitten. Gail trapped him and his sisters Stashi and Sassy when they were about three months old. They were living in a street where people hated them. Two others from their litter were killed. That’s when she decided to get them out of there. They are now all tame. Luna loves rubbing his face against your hand. He’s neutered.


Maisy  is very sweet-natured and undemanding. Maisy was spayed two weeks ago. She is eight months old and available for adoption. Her sister Diva and brother Remi are sterilized too.


Sweet, dear Marco came to the shelter when he was four weeks old. Marco is very loving, sociable and playful. He loves life and everyone enjoys having him around. Marco is neutered.

Miss ChiffyMiss Chiffy






Pawsy was a feral cat but look at him now! He is friendly but still nervous and cautious. Shelter life suits him. He’s very secure in the company of all the cats. Pawsy is neutered.



Poppy arrived outside the shelter with three little kittens. She decided her days on the street were over. All of Poppy’s kittens are at the shelter. Poppy is very affectionate and sociable. She is spayed.




Reuven is a very sweet, special little boy. He was named in honour of someone very special.He is very friendly and sociable and is never alone.He had a lot of health problems in the past and luckily now he is doing really well.


Richie is a very energetic happy little boy. He has a brother Snuggly and sister Ferrari at the shelter. Unfortunately their mother was run over when they were three weeks old. Richie is friendly but he doesn’t like being picked up. Richie is neutered.


Rico is a magnificent feral boy with mesmerizing green eyes. Currently he avoids Gail and pretends she is invisible! He is waiting to be neutered. Rico is about two years old.




Rory, Chirpy’s brother, got his name because of his loud purr….PURR…he even purrs in his sleep! They are both sweethearts and are neutered.


Sammy came to the shelter at five weeks old in shocking condition. It took him a long time to recover. Sammy loves kittens and is best friends with Vivi. He is a very nice, well-behaved and handsome boy. Sammy is neutered.


Sassy doesn’t normally let Gail take photo’s of her. She always closes her eye’s. Gail was playing with her with a dried out leaf and managed to finally get some photo’s of her beautiful eye’s. Sassy has a sister Stashi and a brother Luna at the shelter. Sassy is one and a half and sterilized.



Shakti was left in a box near one of Gail’s feeding stations for street cats. She found him covered in oil and his nose was badly damaged. Gail brought him back to the shelter and with love and care was able to save Shakti. Shakti is a sweet and gentle cat and quickly made a lot of friends and is now one happy kitty. He loves being held and cuddled and is neutered.


Shelley is over 13 years old. She is amazing. She has never needed to go to a vet except for when she was spayed. She had two beautiful black brothers who passed a few years ago within two weeks of each other. They were very close. Luckily she has lots of friends at the shelter.





Specksy is a really lovely cat and is friends with all the cats, however, shush…..Specksy has a little secret…she has a great big soft spot for her boyfriend Tommy, whom she follows everywhere. Although she is a bit shy, she also loves attention and is very easy-going. A gentle and playful cat – really easy cat to take care of. She is spayed.


Gorgeous Spirit is one of our miracle kittens. Spirit had to be fed with a dropper until he was six weeks old. He is a gentle, loving playful little boy. Spirit has a brother Tyson and they are very close.


Starry has been at Haven for over five years. She was a feral and still doesn’t trust me. Her daughter is with us as well and feels the same way. I don’t force myself on her. If and when she wants more from me, she’ll let me know. Starry is sterilized.



Summy is our oldest female cat. She came to the shelter starving when she was four weeks old. Summy has lived her entire life at the shelter. She is very gentle, and loving and loves having her stomach tickled. She answers to SumSum and is spayed.



Tambi is a beautiful torti girl. She is very talkative…chatter chatter chatter, and sociable of course. Tambi has lots of family at the shelter. Her mommy was feral, and it took a long time to catch and spay her.


My name is Teddy – the cat, not the bear of course. I got my name because I look like a teddy bear, very cuddly! I am good-natured and get along with everyone, love attention, like to play and yes, I talk a lot. I’m neutered and would love to be adopted with my brother Buggy, sister Amy and Mom Poppy – we are a very close family!


Timmy was abandoned in a crate next to the garbage with two of his siblings when they were ten days old. Unfortunately he was the only survivor. Timmy was alone for three weeks until Fuzzy came to the shelter. They are now best friends and are both sweet, affectionate and playful.



Tommy is one of our angels. He has a huge following and is never alone. This big gentle boy loves hugging and kissing. Everyone is grateful to know Tommy. He is very special. Tommy is neutered.






Tuxie and his brother Inky were dumped at one of the feeding stations. Tuxie is very relaxed and lovable. He is learning from the other cats how to play. Tuxie and Inky sleep together and are very close. They would love to be adopted together. Tuxie is neutered.




Vivi is very special. She was living at a factory and somehow had her leg ripped off. Gail trapped her and she had to have her leg and shoulder amputated. Today Vivi is a happy, playful, energetic and affectionate little girl. She does not let her handicap stop her in any way. She has an amazing spirit. She is spayed.


Yogi is an absolute treasure. He is very sweet and innocent; loves people and cats and is really sociable. He is still young and has a lot of energy and finds life very exciting. His mother and two brothers are at Chachi’s with him. Gail found them in a very dangerous place where the people were very unkind to them, so when she got them sterilized she decided to keep them at the shelter where they would be safe. He brings good energy to all of us. He is named Yogi because he sleeps in very weird positions. Yogi is neutered.