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I am Gail and I have been running Chachi’s Haven cat shelter for about 20 years near Telmond in Israel. The shelter cats and street cats, whom I feed every night, give me purpose and motivation and watching their antics keeps me smiling. Please help me to help the cats. I run and manage the shelter on my own and Chachi’s Haven relies on supporters like yourself to provide food and shelter for the cats. Please like us on Facebook and follow our progress to help the cats.


…in South Africa when I met Chachi, a long long time ago…

Chachi(2)“Chachi. My angel. This little girl changed my life and the lives of many other cats. I first saw her in the grounds of a huge factory. The connection was immediate. She stole my heart. I started feeding her and discovered many others. One day I ran out of food. I asked one of the workers to buy some food from their canteen that I could give to the cats. He said to me I was wasting my money because they catch and eat the cats! I called a cat organisation, borrowed their traps and rented a cottage. I moved the cats in there not realising my life had just changed. That was the first of many shelters. Chachi was originally called Charlie because of her mustache. I had no experience with cats as my mother was allergic to them. Only when she delivered kittens did I realise she was a girl. She already knew her name so Charlie became Chachi. They sounded similar. Because of her I became involved in cat rescue. I now live in a warehouse near Telmond with 150 abused and damaged cats. I feed about 250 street cats. I have set up this site because I cannot continue alone. My health has deteriorated and I cannot earn enough to support all the cats. Please join me to continue helping all the future Chachi’s. Every one of them is special and deserves a chance.”

Chachi Chachi, where it all began… and continues to this day


Twenty years ago Gail moved to Israel from South Africa accompanied by 29 sick feral cats who had little chance of finding a home and set up a cat sanctuary in memory of Chachi, the cat who stole her heart. From the moment Gail rescued Chachi, she resolved to never turn a blind eye to an animal’s pain and suffering; in her case, she devoted her life to the care of cats. As for Chachi, well, she gave all abandoned cats the gift of Gail’s love…


On her arrival, and for many years after, she worked all the hours God sent and paid and cared for her cats and gradually the numbers grew; as for Gail, well she just worked harder. A few years ago, when she fell ill, she had to give up her various jobs (she had 3 at one time!) and reluctantly sought help from well-wishers and supporters. She now relies entirely on donations for the upkeep of the shelter and welfare of the cats.

Chirpy Poppy Erany

She has no doubt in her mind that in order to make a difference, we must be the difference, and she practices this daily. She not only cares for the cats in her shelter, she loves her street cats too! Yep, her street cats are a sight to behold – in the middle of the night, around 2.00am, she sets off with food bags for her street cats. Come rain, hail or shine, Gail is out there, carrying dry food from one feeding station (that’s what she calls her stopovers) to another, and the cats are waiting….they know she will come because she has never failed them.

One of the feeding stations


Two wary newcomers to the street party

Gail estimates there are roughly 250 street cats with new joiners every night as word spreads down the pussycat pipeline. And they come, in ones and twos, cautious and fearful, slowly drawn by the irresistible smell of the cat food she carries, encouraged by her presence from a distance, and take their first nibble – and they come again the next night… because she never lets them down.

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18 thoughts on “About Chachi’s Haven”

  1. Thank you for all that you did for Mikey! You are an Angel and we all know that you gave Mikey the best while in your care. We are sending you love and prayers from Florida.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Mikey. From what I read you gave Mikey the best of your love and support. You didn’t let Mikey down. I don’t understand why the vets you took him to didn’t care enough to help him properly, but don’t ever blame yourself for what happened. Thanks for all that you do for the kitties. Maybe if we had more people like you the world wouldn’t be like it is. Take care.

  3. So sorry to hear about Mikey. He was so precious! You did everything that you could to help him and he loved you. We need more people like you!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Mikey. You did all that you could. It is not your fault and you did not fail him! You gave him love that he would probably not have had without you. I imagine him in Heaven now running and playing and free. Sending you hugs and prayers from Montana❤️

  5. Gail – I am crying with you tonight as I just read that sweet little Mikey passed away at the hands of a butcher. My heart aches for you. What a special person you are to rescue so many of God’s precious creatures. I know that the Lord is pleased with you. You did everything you possibly could for Mikey, and he knew he was loved. He is running free in heaven now, and he is at peace. One day that vet will have to answer to God for how he treated Mikey and other animals. Sending prayers of comfort to you and will also be praying for better vet care in your country. I am so very sorry.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Mikey. I know that Mikey loved you for what all you did for him, and he would not want you to feel guilty. Will pray to St. Francis to watch over Mikey. Bless you for all you do for these special animals.

  7. Gail, I never knew your background till I read and came to see what a truly inspirational lady you are.God bless you for everything you do for these cats and I feel blessed to be able to tell people “I support Gail and Chachi’s Haven and RIP little Mikey, you truly touched my heart

  8. Gail, you know how I feel. My heart is breaking with yours. You did everything in your power to help Mikey so do not beat yourself up over it. He is at peace now…..somewhere far better xxxxx

  9. oh Gail, we feel your pain and cry with you. Sweet little Mikey, no more pain Dawny and goofy will take over now.
    keep fighting Gail. Always in our hearts and our thoughts xx

  10. Gail, I have so much respect and admiration for you and all the work you do on behalf of the cats. Don’t ever give up; keep fighting the good fight!
    You’re my hero.

  11. Dear Gail,

    I just read about little Mikey. I truly cannot express how I feel. Thank you for being such a great, loving care taker. My prayers to you and all who loved Mikey.


  12. May God Bless you in your loss of Precious Mikey! Sending Prayers, Love and Sincere Sympathy from New Jersey! Mikey is Safe now, Wrapped in the Wings of Angels. Mikey is Running Free of Pain Over The Rainbow Bridge! Thank you for showing Mikey All your Love and Caring!❤️

  13. I think your a wonderful person I love cats with all my heart your doing a brilliant job my heart goes out to you xx

  14. Gail, You are Loved and Revered. May you and the babies always be Very Blessed. Xo. Sharon (Renay)

  15. I have such admiration for you – I will never forget you and the love that you have for animals Lise

  16. I do not get your newsfeeds on Facebook anymore. I see you have changed your Facebook page to share only. I hope I did not say anything wrong as I do not think i did.

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